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Product Features

Shoe Brush

This wooden polished base shoe brush is Made up of soft/strong nylon, PU hair bristles for easy buffing/polishing your shoes (leather and non leather) and provides an effortless texture to your shoes. Its ergonomic handle and applicator on top is specifically designed for easy of use.

Material / Purpose - Nylon, PU hair bristles, Wooden handle for sturdy grip

Shoe Cream

This vegan friendly Shoe Cream provides you with a desirable polish, be it a neutral, matt finish or a radiant shine to steal the show. Shoe Cream polishes your shoes while also maintaining and restoring the newness of your shoes, an all time shoe-companion!

Purpose - neutral natural coat / shine for your shoes.

Type - Leather & Non-Leather

Shoe cloth

To keep your favourite pair of shoes clean and durable, this Cotton Shoe Cloth has essentially been made for cleaning/polishing your shoes. It provides a lasting shine and keeps them off the dirt.

Dimensions - 10" by 8"

Material - Cotton based

Type - Leather/Non Leather shoes

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